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Did your Doctor say "Eat Healthy Food"? Would you like to heal your body, prevent disease, boost your immune system and get healthy? Do you want to lose weight, increase energy, look younger, become sexy and feel great? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This is your guide on eating healthy. You get the real deal on healthy food. And why it's not your fault you eat unhealthy meals.

You learn what foods are really healthy. Not what Medical Doctors, The FDA, The Food Industry and Main Street say are healthy. They are wrong and I will prove it. The 3 best super foods you can eat. You should eat these powerful super foods in order to prevent health problems. Eating spinach, blueberries and wild caught Alaskan salmon can change your life. These are some of the best healthy foods you can eat says Dr. Pratt author of Super Foods RX.

I've been eating these super healthy foods for years. And I feel these foods are The Bible for your great health. They are The King. The Number 1. I drink a big spinach smoothy everyday and I have been eating blueberries every morning for 12 years. The last few years, I eat salmon a couple times a week. And I am healthy and full of energy.

1. Highest Nutrients. Consume foods with the highest minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. These are nutrients in fruits and vegetables that prevent and fight disease. The higher amount of nutrients you eat, the better your health. Here are foods that are the highest in nutrients. Most people eat lettuce which is near the bottom in nutrients.

You should swap lettuce for spinach in your daily salads. 2. Cruciferous Vegetables. By eating lots of broccoli florets, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts and avoid eating grains. You break the bad habit of eating sweets, processed and fatty foods. You can do this liver cleanse in one weeks time. 3.

Protein With Every Meal. Eat protein with all meals to stop your blood sugar from rising too fast. This keeps your body in the fat burning mode. Here's the best proteins. 4. Drink Yourself Healthy. Clean and nutritious liquids will help you achieve your health goals.

Filtered water, lemon water, green tea and a big green smoothie is what I drink daily. Sometimes I drink alkaline water. I use stevia as a sweetener for my liquids. 5. Prepare Your Own Food. The more you make and prepare your own food, the healthier your food will be. You won't add trans fat, red and yellow dye, msg, 5 different salts, aspartame and many other disease causing chemicals you can't pronounce.

6. Motivation. You learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your healthy food goals. You may need extra motivation in order to keep achieving your health goals. 1. Big Weight Loss. If you need to lose 30, 40, or 50 pounds plus.

Then you should greatly increase the vegetables you eat. Eat vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. Eat or drink a 10 to 1 ratio of vegetables highest in nutrients to meat for every piece of meat, cheese, eggs or milk you consume. 2. Foods That Stop Weight Loss. They actually Create Inflammation and make you gain weight. Once you stop eating these foods and substitute them for other foods, you will quickly lose weight.

Learn what foods you can swap the above foods to lose weight. 3. Liver Cleanse. It will remove the fats from your liver. And end your cravings for sugar and fats. The less fats, sweet and sugar you eat and you replace them with healthy vegetables, the more weight you lose. 4.

The Last 10 Pounds. You may need to do take some probiotics to replenish your good bacteria. The good bacteria will zap your bad bacteria and allow weight loss. A second way is to do a colon cleanse. This will remove the toxins from the fat on your body. Then your body will allow the fat to melt away. Everybody eats non healthy food.

Because the food industry puts many bad things in your snacks, meals and drinks. But I'll show you how to quickly take some of them out. 1. Chicken. How to remove the antibiotics and hormones from your chicken. Or you purchase and eat Amish chicken with no antibiotics or hormones like I do. 2.

Fish. Which Super Healthy Fish have the lowest mercury, salmon. Which fish have the highest mercury that you should avoid eating. Tuna and swordfish. 3. Beans. Get rid of salt, sugar and msg from canned beans by soaking and rinsing them.

And remove any debris and feces from packaged beans. 4. Fruits and Vegetables. How to blanch and clean them in order to remove their many pesticides. Why frozen vegetables have more nutrition than other vegetables. 5. Fast Food.

How to make your fast food more healthier to eat whether you are eating at the restaurant or you do a carry out at home. 6. Alkaline Water. You learn how to hydrate yourself and alkaline your body's blood PH. Because most disease can't live in an alkaline state. Most disease can only live in an acidic state. The above will make your meals closer to organic at little or no extra cost.

You will obviously start to prevent disease, increase your energy and feel great. You learn specific disease fighting foods reverses your specific disease. These maybe life saving foods will allow you to prevent, fight and win against your disease. Therefore, you can battle these diseases, repair your body and win. 1. Eat Low Pesticide Foods. Because these foods have very little pesticides and herbicides in them.

You don't have to buy and eat these fruits and vegetables organic. 2. Remake Fast Food. How to recreate your favorite fast food meals at home. Of course, you will make them much more healthier than there's. And yours will taste just like theirs including the McDonald's Famous Big Mac secret sauce. Many people, like me, can no longer afford the high cost of health insurance.

So at least remake your unhealthy meals, like I do, into healthier safer meals to prevent disease and stay healthy. Do the healthy food tips. You don't have to do them all at once. Just apply the one's that fit your immediate need. Then one by one, you can continue to do more. Eating healthy food is one of the best things you can do. It's easy, fun and can help you increase your energy, build your immune system, prevent disease and lose weight.

And that will make you feel great and put a big happy smile on your face :-) Thank You so Much for Visiting My Site. I Truly Appreciate It. Words Cannot Convey My Gratitude. Thank You Very Much.