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Why is staying in shape so hard? It doesn't have to be. We believe that the best fitness program is one that is fast, effective, and FUN. Because honestly, if you're dragging yourself to the gym to do a workout that bores you, you won't keep coming back. That's why you'll find FUN in everything we do here -- we won't ask you to do mind-numbing hours of cardio or so many lunges you feel like you've ridden a horse down the Grand Canyon and back. Nor will we give you a list of forbidden foods or ask you to eat only egg whites, broccoli, and freerange tofuburgers. What you will find are trainers who listen to you -- to what you want, to what you need, and to what is fun for you. You'll also find plenty of playful activities in our training programs and plenty of toys such as Hippity Hop balls among our equipment.

We know that just because you feel like you're a kid at recess doesn't mean that you aren't getting in shape. The opposite is true. When you love what you do, you'll keep coming back, which will make you stronger, more resilient, and healthier than ever. If you are tired of quick fixes that aren't quick and don't really work, losing and gaining the same weight over and over, or spending more hours in the gym than you do with your friends and family, CINDY HAUSS FITNESS is the fresh and fun start you need. Cindy Hauss Fitness personal training studio in Ft. Worth will put you on the fast track to results with degreed, certified trainers who specialize in weight loss using effective nutritional strategies which includes a resting metabolic rate test, and customized workout programs. We believe you can have fun while getting fit whether you are working one-on-one with a trainer or joining a Boot Camp, Pilates, or Kettlebell class in a private, supportive gym environment. We serve Fort Worth and Arlington.

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