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Lose Weight and Feel Great Save the environment. Save money. Feel good about yourself and feel satisfied after every delicious meal. Eating healthy and making healthy food should be fun. And delicious. I like bold flavors and big meals (think coconut milk curries, spicy chinese food, and chocolate smoothies). Eating is the essential act of living, and it should be a celebration of our being alive. Once you've gotten into alignment with what your body really wants, it will be for you too.

Eating a healthy, natural, whole-foods (not Whole Foods) diet can change your life. It has changed mine (I've gone from twice daily anti-depressants to waking up at 5am everyday with a smile), and I want to share what I've learned so that others can see the same improvements. You can start feeling happier, healthier and more attractive almost immediately. If you want a step-by-step plan, check out the Healthy Eating Guide (coming soon it's still in development). Eating Healthy for Good is designed to get you as quickly as possible to the point where you can intuitively feel what food your body wants and prepare it for yourself quickly, easily and deliciously. Look around to find out. . .

- what foods you should eat as much of as you can (for example, did you know that guacamole is really, really good for you? ) - what common food additives have been proven to make children hyperactive and also probably cause cancer? - how to shop, prepare and eat your food in a healthy way (yes, I said how to eat. There's a lot to relearn! ! ! ) Reforming your relationship with food isn't going to happen magically. If you think you can keep eating McDonald's and Dairy Queen and be healthy you can't, and if you want to feel better by reading that you can, you'll have to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, you can lose weight eating delicious food lots of it and feel great while getting healthy. That's what I want to help you do. If you're up for that, stick around I think we'll get along well. If, like most Americans, you are overweight, you are doing yourself a giant disservice. (If you want to feel just one reason why, put on a backpack, fill it with the amount of weight that you are overweight and wear it for a full day. That will inspire you to take action. ) If you're at a healthy weight and BMI, congratulations, you've beaten the average. But if you're eating the same foods that most Americans do, you are poisoning yourself and killing the planet.

Sorry to sound so alarming, but that's how bad most of our food is (in quotes because some of it is made from oil, it's not food in any real sense of the word). The standard American diet is designed to profit corporations, not to enhance our health or happiness, and the corporations have gotten very good at that. Sound extreme? I bet it does. Our relationship with food has become abusive. I have changed the way I eat, and that has led me to change the way I think about my body, the food I eat, and my relationship with the earth. As a result I am a happier, healthier person, and I want to share what I've learned with as many people as possible. That's why I'm building this website.

Have a look around. This site is brand new (I'm writing this on 12/12/08), so stick with me while I get some of the first pages up. Hit control-D to bookmark the page and come back in a couple of weeks when I've had a chance to get some of the first research and writing done. Articles About Healthy Food Collection of great articles about healthy food and healthy eating.

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